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All rings are round in shape. As with your bangles, you can choose if the silver’s cross-sectional shape will be round, square, D-Shape, oval or rectangular shaped cross section sterling silver.

You can choose to have a smooth polished finish, or add a hammered textured finish (in light, medium or heavy) to catch the light. Rings between 1mm and 2mm are popular to be combined as a group of two or three stacking rings.

What size am I?

We offer rings in various sizes. Unique to each individual, your finger sizes on your left hand are likely to be different to your finger sizes on your right hand, your finger sizes will change across the day, they will respond to temperature, humidity, exercise, and age. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, it should slide snuggly across the knuckle so that it will not fall off.

  1. Decide which hand and finger the ring is for
  2. Check if there is already a ring that is owned and fits the relevant hand and finger, note the width of the ring you wish to order (a wider ring feels snugger on the finger and it is advisable to order a whole size larger than your normal ring size)

a) you may already know your ring size

b) you can pop into a local jewellers and have your finger or the ring measured

c) you can lay a ruler on a flat surface and place the ring over to measure the internal diameter in millimetres. Match the measurement to the conversion chart below to get the actual ring size. Please note this is the least accurate and least favoured method.




15.2 mm

I 1/2

15.4 mm


15.6 mm

J 1/2

15.8 mm


16.0 mm

K 1/2

16.1 mm


16.4 mm

L 1/2

16.6 mm


16.8 mm

M 1/2

17.0 mm


17.2 mm

N 1/2

17.4 mm


17.6 mm

O 1/2

17.8 mm


18.0 mm

P 1/2

18.2 mm


18.4 mm

Q 1/2

18.6 mm


18.8 mm

R 1/2

19.0 mm


19.2 mm

S 1/2

19.4 mm


19.5 mm

T 1/2

19.7 mm


19.9 mm

Ring Size

I, I 1/2, J, J 1/2, K, K 1/2, L, L 1/2, M, M 1/2, N, N 1/2, O, O 1/2, P, P 1/2, Q, Q 1/2, R, R 1/2, S, S 1/2, T, T 1/2, U

Cross section shape

Round 1mm, Round 1.5mm, Round 2mm, Round 3mm, Square 2mm, Square 3mm, D-Shape 2.3mm x 1.4mm, D-Shape 3mm x 2mm, D-Shape 4mm x 2mm, D-Shape 6mm x 2mm, Oval 2.5mm x 1.7mm, Oval 3.2mm, Oval 4.2mm x 2.2mm, Rectangular 3.2mm x 1.6mm, Rectangular 4mm x 1.3mm, Rectangular 5mm x 1.7mm, Rectangular 6mm x 2mm


Smooth, Hammered – Light, Hammered – Medium, Hammered – Heavy


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