Helping those who need it the most by giving back

From October 2020, we are celebrating an exciting and brand-new partnership with the national charity Hospice UK – specifically using our revitalised remedial Aromatherapy Collection.

With a donation of £3.75 for every 150g candle sold, this helps you to give back to those who need it the most, whilst also enabling you to enjoy some time to relax on your own, or with those you love – candles are, after all, about slowing things down, and enjoying the moment.

Firmly rooted in our hearts, is our commitment to ‘giving back’ to our community. During lock-down we started a charitable collection symbolising hope with rainbows and sunflowers both candles and also hand-thrown stoneware made by our friends at Firestone Studios.

Together we have so far raised an impressive £3,700 for Mountbatten Isle of Wight.  This important relationship with our local charity will continue for as long as our customers keep on asking for these gorgeous and popular products, which are 100% not for profit.

We love taking the time to connect with our local charity, and we can see the marked impact that Hospice UK has for communities all across the UK, just as Mountbatten does in our home community, here on the Isle of Wight.   

It is truly fulfilling to know that when you buy one of our charitable products,  you are contributing to those around you, and helping those who need support the most.

To find out more about our two AMAZING chosen charities and the incredible work they do, please read on…

‘Remedial Aromatherapy’ Collection


An apothecary collection-styled of purposeful candles, each with a specific remedy. Handmade and blended with pure, natural essential oils, this collection is designed with you in mind. Choose a candle to suit your mood and energy and create a space in which it’s scent and soft, ambient glow will help you relax, and recharge.

We are donating £3.75 per 150g Aromatherapy candle sold, to Hospice UK (registered charity number 1014851).

Hospice UK is the national charity for hospice and palliative care and every year they support more than 200 hospices across the UK who care for over 200,000 adults and children living with a terminal or life-shortening illness.

Hospice care is free for those who need it, whoever they are and whatever their situation. But it comes at a cost.

Each year, hospice care across the UK needs £1.4 billion. We know that it takes 40,000 dedicated staff, 125,000 volunteers, 2,500 shop windows, 1.1 million home visits per year, 29,000 facemasks used each day to provide end of life care at home.

Hospice care is for the living as well as the dying, supporting care for families and friends through treatment and invaluable bereavement services. To find out more about Hospice UK, and the INCREDIBLE work they do, click here.

‘Light A Rainbow Candle’ and ‘Hello Sunshine’ Collections

Bright, and uplifting rainbow and sunflower collections with a variety of choices to suit all tastes, styles, moods and ages.  Offering a symbol of hope and light, during difficult times.

The Sunflower is an iconic image, and although it doesn’t have a particularly notable fragrance, it is widely admired for its beauty. Not only because of its naturally bold architectural stature and colourful varieties, but because the sunflower is a symbol of resilience – of happier and brighter times.

When people think of Mountbatten, traditionally people think of a hospice, whispers in corridors, and sad, dark days. That’s not how our Mountbatten services, environment and community are.

It is a bright, energy-rich and warm feeling when you spend time with their staff or volunteers, at their events, or retail shops, or at the Centre itself. It is simply put, lovely.  

Yet every day, 1400+ people are cared for across the Island, 1 in 3 have conditions other than cancer, and it costs a staggering £8m to run these services annually. 

Whilst some government financial assistance has been gratefully received, there is still a long way to go to ensure that their vital services are not reduced, or withdrawn.

To find out more about Mountbatten, and the INCREDIBLE work they do, click here.

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