Supporting our Mountbatten Community

Giving Back

In April 2020, we made a decision to give back to our community through charitable fundraising.  We were (and continue to be) very mindful of the acute pressure, loss and fear, and shock wave of uncertainty gripping our community, and our nation.  We wanted to make a product that would symbolically represent unity and hope, help lift people’s spirits, whilst fundraising for a charity we wholly believe in.

The ‘Light A Rainbow Candle’ Campaign

The Rainbow has been widespread across the globe serving just this purpose, by roadsides, on pathways, shop windows and homes – and so our ‘Light A Rainbow Candle’ campaign went from concept to go-live very quickly.

Stephanie Mackrill Photography provided her professional services free of charge to support the campaign and we also received some free marketing materials from Ravenprint & Design of Cowes, too. Having their help along the way, plus the ongoing support of Emma Johnson from Signature Marketing for social media communications and web development, meant we could adapt and respond proactively, for which we are very thankful.

The ‘Hello Sunshine!’ Campaign

The Sunflower is an iconic image, and although it doesn’t have a particularly notable fragrance, it is widely admired for its beauty. Not only because of its naturally bold architectural stature and colourful varieties, but because the sunflower is a symbol of resilience – of happier and brighter times.

We, and Mountbatten have been so grateful for the positive response from our community. The Rainbow Collection has been extremely popular, and so it is here to stay! All of our Spring and Summer fayres and events on and off the Island, have understandably been cancelled, which is a great shame for everyone. We decided to turn our minds and energy to something positive and fulfilling in recent weeks, and now – our focus is shifting again.  We are delighted to launch our ‘Hello Sunshine!’ Collection, which combines both our handmade ChilliWinter candles with handmade Firestone Studios ceramics. This range is designed to be bright and uplifting, just as sunflowers are!

Daniella Johnson, Community Events Fundraiser at Mountbatten said:

“We are over the moon that ChilliWinter and Firestone Studios are supporting our Sunflower Campaign this year! Their Rainbow Collection generated so much interest, which we and our beneficiaries deeply appreciate. Their brand new ‘Hello Sunshine!’ Collection is simply gorgeous and is set to be a great success! This is such a challenging year for the whole team at Mountbatten. We have received some additional government funding, which will take off a little pressure, however our normal fundraising campaigns, and events like the Isle of Wight Festival have had to take a completely different direction for us. Having the help of local businesses like this, is invaluable, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who continues to contribute to our coronavirus appeal.”

Supporting Mountbatten Isle of Wight

We chose Mountbatten Isle of Wight as we know just how valued their work is across our home community on the Isle of Wight. Their planned revenue streams were halted, as so many are woven into public and social events – we felt that as so many people were doing their bit, all of these efforts, collectively, still have a valuable impact, and we wanted to be a part of that.
When people think of Mountbatten, traditionally people think of a hospice, whispers in corridors, and sad, dark days. That’s not how our Mountbatten services, environment and community are. It is a bright, energy-rich and warm feeling when you spend time with their staff or volunteers, at their events, or retail shops, or at the Centre itself. It is simply put, lovely.  
Yet every day, 1400+ people are cared for across the Island, 1 in 3 have conditions other than cancer, and it costs a staggering £8m to run these services annually. Whilst some government financial assistance has been gratefully received, there is still a long way to go to ensure that their vital services are not reduced, or withdrawn.
To find out more about Mountbatten, and the INCREDIBLE work they do, click here.

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Further collaboration

The Rainbow Collection quickly evolved and now work with our friends, and local artisans Kirstie and Paul Hayler of Firestone Studios. They hand-throw and glaze pottery that beautifully complement the materials and style we use.  These have been hugely popular, as people love to enjoy something handmade and unique.

Company, conversation and compassion

We have enjoyed some laughter, social distanced fabulous company – and also some moving conversations with you, our customers. Also we have read and transcribed your personal messages for the gift tags we have posted for you to your loved ones. Sometimes these have left a big lump in our throats.

Taking the time to listen with compassion and show understanding for the connection to Mountbatten, continues to be wholly fulfilling. Many of you aren’t directly connected – you just love to know that you are somehow, somewhere, contributing to those who need support the most.

Key successes

What next?

There’s always something in the pipeline with us, of that you can be sure!  
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