ChilliWinter Jewellery, Handmade with love.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by Dave Winter in our garden workshop on the Isle of Wight.

Being handmade, each piece is completely individual, and this uniqueness means that one pendant, pair of earrings, ring or bracelet is never quite the same as another – perfect!

During busier times, stocks can run out faster than we might expect. Do please allow plenty of time when placing your order to avoid disappointment. For all orders that include a bespoke element, please allow an additional 2 weeks delivery time, or up to 4+ weeks if the piece is heavy enough for hallmarking to be needed.


Heart Earring studs 1
Triangular Earring studs 1
Hexagon Earring studs 1

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Pendant Necklaces

Yellow Jasper Pendant 1
Pink Howlite Pendant 1
Teal Agate Pendant 1

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Sterling Silver Bangles

2mm Round Bangle, Light Hammered Effect with charms 2
3mm D-Shaped Bangle, Heavy Hammered effect 1
3mm Round Bangle, heart. Light hammered effect 2

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Sterling Silver Rings

6mm D-Shaped Ring, Heavy Hammered Effect 1
6mm D-Shaped Ring - plain (unhammered) 1
4mm Oval-Shaped Ring, Light Hammered Effect 1

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