Pendants & Necklaces

ChilliWinter Jewellery, Handmade with love.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by Dave Winter in our garden workshop on the Isle of Wight.

Being handmade, each piece is completely individual, and this uniqueness means that one pendant is never quite the same as another – perfect!

A semi-precious stone pendant, handmade, wrapped in a sterling silver gecko or spiral setting, with sterling silver chain necklace.  Every stone is unique in shape and size, and so the pendant you receive will not be identical to the photograph shown.  A choice of chain thickness and length is available.

For each of them you can buy just the pendant alone, or add a 1.4mm (£17.50) or a 2.3mm (£29.50) loose oval belcher chain, choosing a chain length of 18 inches, 20 inches or 22 inches.

Yellow Jasper Pendant 1
Pink Howlite Pendant 1
Teal Agate Pendant 1