Our Scents

We have over 40 scents in our current product range, made up of both fragrance oils and essential oils.  Most stockists have a sample of between 10 – 15 from the whole range, and these are changed regularly to match seasonal variances.

To make it easier for you to find search online for a particular scent, we have grouped our range into the following categories:

We have found that everyone’s sense of smell differs – what is overpowering for one may be subtle for another.  Some people enjoy floral scents whilst others find classic fragrances preferable. 

In all cases, we use the maximum % of fragrance we can when blending oils with wax.  If this % is exceeded, the scent does not blend and suspend within the wax properly, and this can lead to wick burning problems as well as white ‘frosting’ on the surface when it has cooled and hardened.

If there is a scent you would like to enjoy but don’t see listed, please get in touch to let us know