At ChilliWinter, we design and hand-make Home Fragrance, Beauty and Jewellery products from our workshop on the Isle of Wight. This includes candles, reed diffusers, lip balms, and sterling silver jewellery. We believe in going the extra mile with ethically sourced and sustainable materials.

If you were wondering, our brand name is simply a mash of our surnames.  To find out more about us click here.

We design and make all of our products from our garden workshop in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, UK.

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Yes we offer digital gift vouchers and also a candle subscription. We also have a monthly giveaway which is posted on Insta and Facebook.  From time to time we run special offers and these are publicised on social media and by the product/s on our shop pages, and/or at checkout. We are still a small company, so when we can, we will extend these offers with customer loyalty rewards.

About ChilliWinter Products

We make candles with traditional wicks, ribbon wicks and wood wicks. In ALL cases, always follow the safety instructions. Depending on the size of the candle, and how you care for it, how long it will last you will vary.  We provide this information on the candle labeling, and/or on the product description on our shop pages.  As WoodWicks are a little quirky, to find out more about how to use and care for these, click here.

In our ‘everyday’ candle collection we offer silver or rose gold in 200ml and 100ml sizes.  We have other ranges which use other vessel styles, materials and sizes, such as Charity, Christmas, Aromatherapy and Al Fresco. We test new vessels for different purposes such as new collections, for bespoke Client products and for corporate events. This gives us real-time feedback and helps us stay on top of how changing market trends and quality. And it gives our customers optimal choice, to suit their mood, space and style.

ChilliWinter candles are made with all natural 100% soy wax, as it is an environmentally sustainable choice. Soy wax is derived from soy beans and has a soft creamy appearance. Sometimes we may use ethically-sourced beeswax to make different candles for fayres and other events, or stockists.  We also use beeswax in our candle making workshops and in our ‘A Little Box of Mindful Moments’ and ‘A Little Box of Advent’. Soy Wax and beeswax burn more slowly than paraffin and have no additives… this is good news for asthmatics and those with sensitivities or allergies! 

(We do use traditional cotton wicks and ribbon wicks too)

WoodWicks are an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks. Commonly used traditional wicks and ribbon wicks burn tall, bright and fast. Ribbon wicks in particular can withstand a gentle breeze well, which is why we offer them in our Al Fresco Collection.

Not only do WoodWicks burn cleanly and disperse fragrance efficiently. They also make a gentle pop and crackle sound, creating a captivating sensory experience. The soothing crackling sounds of WoodWicks bring a whole new dimension to your candles! Check out this example on YouTube.

WoodWicks with soy wax produce a gently glowing flame, which burns very slowly.  This means a woodwick candle will last for much longer than traditional or ribbon wick candle.  Ideally trimmed to 3-5mm your WoodWick candle may light first time or may take 2 – 3 attempts to get going. The key to achieving a perfect burn, is to allow your candle to completely liquify across the top.  Always do this before blowing it out to avoid ‘tunnelling’. Lighting and caring for WoodWicks is a common area that candle chandlers are asked about. They aren’t more difficult to use than traditional wicks, they’re just different. To find out more with our simple, visual guide, click here.

All ChilliWinter materials supplies are soured from reputable UK wholesalers, who specialise in high-quality candle making materials.  Please contact us directly to find out more.

Our listed candle prices exclude postage, so when you go to complete your purchase at checkout, you will be able to select from a range of a postage options. You can source your candles direct from one of our growing range of stockists. Click here to view our interactive map. Wherever you live in the UK, you can purchase your candles direct.  Choose your postage option at checkout and pay securely via PayPal. 


Orders placed are dispatched as quickly as possible, usually between 1 – 3 days. This depends on stock levels and how many orders are being processed. If you place your order in the evening or over a weekend, this may affect how quickly we can dispatch your order. If you do not receive your order within 7 working days, please let us know.

Amending your order

Please check your order confirmation and amend it if you need to. We cannot guarantee the changes will be made but we’ll do our very best.

  • If something is not right, please let us know so we can rectify it for you.
  • If your candles arrive damaged or are not what you ordered, we can only replace or exchange if you notify us by 4pm on the day after delivery. 
  • Please keep all original transit packaging and items are kept until you have notified us, and we have decided how to resolve the problem.
  • To notify us please call or email providing us with the full information (including photos).  Please indicate if you are requesting an exchange, replacement or refund.
  • Once these conditions have been met our obligation will be to issue replacement goods for non-deliveries and damaged goods.
  • Refunds will be offered entirely at our discretion.
  • We are usually pretty quick to process returns and exchanges but please do bear in mind that there may be delays after very busy periods.
  • We aim to process your exchange, replacement and / or refund between 1 – 2 weeks.

How ChilliWinter candles are made?

We have spent several years now making candles and refining our recipes and techniques.  With changing materials on the market, this also means we get to experiment.  We learn from suppliers and other candle Chandlers who have brilliant tips to share. 

For example, the wax temperature is critical when blending oils and dye, otherwise the whole batch fails. Cooling and curing requires a particular environment, too. The oils have a different ‘flash point’, and optimal ratio-to-wax. If this isn’t right, then again – the whole batch fails. Most importantly, we have learned that lighting and caring for a WoodWick soy candle, is totally different to a traditional cotton wick and paraffin wax candle. Please follow our simple, visual guide which will tell you all you need to know – click here.

Probably a little bit of both! The blending of dyes, oils and soy wax to create our unique recipes, has taken a long time for us to refine. Finding the best type of, length and thickness of WoodWick has been more science than art. The wax temperature and ‘flash point’ for each scent varies. Each ChilliWinter candle is hand made in very small batches, and so the finish always varies slightly, no matter how closely we follow the secret recipe and honed techniques. Our customers tend to agree with us that our imperfect candles are, in fact – perfect! 

We test every batch carefully to ensure quality of wax, scent and wick before they are sent to customers and distributed to stockists. In an average year we have 2-3 quality queries out of 10,000s made and sold, which of course we would rather was 0, but is pretty good in the grand scheme of things, given we aren’t producing in a factory with volume-based equipment and machinery.

The wax dyes and scented oils are sourced from our trusted UK wholesale suppliers. We blend together the wax, dye and oils at optimum temperatures and duration to produce our beautifully finished candles.

We have over 40+ different scents in our current range.  Half of these are made with natural oils (known as ‘essential oils’) and the other half are made with synthetic oils (known as ‘fragrance oils’). Where possible, we always try to source natural oils, albeit these are at a significantly higher cost. To find out which of candles are made with natural or synthetic oils, please use the filter on the right hand pane of the ‘Shop’ page. Alternatively, when you are looking at a product, click on the ‘description’ and ‘additional information’ to find out more. In all cases, we have listed the wholesale supplier to give our customers full transparency.  By clicking on the link to these give access to all of the health and safety data sheets associated with their ingredients, which is a legal requriement.

With our hundreds of hours’ experience making, testing and gaining customer feedback – one thing is for sure: some scented oils will awaken your sense of smell, and some won’t. Our brains interpret smell very differently from one person to the next. Adding more scented oil won’t change your sense of smell. 

This is because each oil has an optimum amount (by % or ratio) to blend with wax.  This is usually anywhere between 8% – 12% and if this is exceeded, the oil will not blend properly with the wax or dye.  If this happens it will not burn properly and may cause ‘frosting’ on the candle’s surface, affecting its appearance.

What is overpowering for one person, may be subtle for another. Some people enjoy floral scents the most, whereas others find sweet scents ‘sickly’. 

We strongly recommend that our customers follow our guidance on how to care for your candle (click here) to get the very best out of your candle. A fully-rounded aroma is best experienced as the wax pool hits the sides of the tin and deepens as it burns, which can take usually more than around an hour or two, depending on the size of your candle’s container, so it might take a bit less or more time.

How to enjoy and care for your candle

You’ll want to light our ChilliWinter candles very differently from traditional cotton wicks, and it’s easy when you know how.  

Click here to view our simple, visual guide to learn all you need to know!

Using WoodWicks isn’t difficult, it’s just different. These three tips will help you get the best out of yours:

TIP ONE – The first burn is the most important

Give your candle enough burn-time to develop a melted wax pool, that goes all the way to the edge of the container on the first use. This can take up to a couple of hours, depending on your candle container’s size.

In this picture you can see the melted wax pool hasn’t yet reached the edges of the container.

If you don’t allow the candle to liquify to the edges, this will cause ‘tunnelling’ around the wick. This is where the immediate area around the wick will burn first each time and sink lower (and lower) meaning oxygen can’t get to it.  Eventually your candle with extinguish itself, and will have trouble staying lit for more than a short period of time.

In this picture you can see the melted wax pool has reached the outer edges – this is good and healthy for a first burn 😊

After the first use, you don’t have to let a full wax pool form EVERY single time, but it is ideal if you want to get the most life out of your candle. Just make sure give your candles a nice long burn every so often, and this will ‘reset’ the wax and prevent tunnelling. This will keep your candle looking great, smelling great and burning evenly!

(If you’re experiencing ‘tunnelling’, you may be able to fix it – see TIP THREE below).

TIP TWO – Keep your WoodWick trimmed and free of charred bits

Other than tunnelling, if your WoodWick candle won’t stay lit, it’s probably because the wick is too long, or needs to be trimmed clean of charred material.

Remember it’s not the wood fuelling your candle’s flame, it’s the wax. The flame is drawing the wax upwards, through the wick.  So if it’s not trimmed short and kept clean, the wax can’t make it to the flame. For an optimal burn, keep your WoodWick trimmed to about 5mm and clean off any charred bits from previous use.

Make sure to let your candle cool before trimming, as you don’t want any bits of ash or wick left in the wax when you’re done. It’s much easier to clean this up when the wax is hard and cool. We find using scissors or nail clippers best to do this, or pinch using a bit of kitchen roll and your fingers to gently break off the charred parts.

TIP THREE – How to fix a candle that is tunnelling

If your WoodWick candle has developed some tunnelling from shorter burns, you can usually fix it – here’s how:

The first and best option: if your candle will stay lit, give it a good LONG burn until all the wax has melted to the edge of the container, and you’ve effectively ‘reset’ the wax. When you do this, the flame height may vary, but as long as there is still a burn, it should continue to create a melt pool. Be patient.

If your candle won’t stay lit because it is ‘drowning’ in a wax pool, try using a piece of kitchen towel to soak up some of the excess wax. Then wait for a minute or so, relight your candle, and repeat, until your WoodWick has room to breathe!

Although this candle isn’t tunnelling, this shows how you can draw out excess wax if you need to, using a bit of kitchen roll.

If the above two won’t work, we’ve heard of people scraping out the wax near the edge of the tin. That is a last resort option though – so no guarantee!

Remember, prevention is better than cure – and if you follow the 3 best practices mentioned above, your wood wick candles should burn nicely – especially if they are made with high quality soy wax (which ours are).

Click here to view our simple, visual guide to learn all you need to know!

Everyone loves to enjoy the soothing, relaxing effect of a scented candle. It is ESSENTIAL they are used sensibly and safely, every time and there is no room for complacency. We ask customers to follow the safety instructions found on the base of our ChilliWinter candles, as well as use a some good-old common sense!  

Here is a reminder of our safety instructions:

  • Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting.
  • NEVER leave a burning candle unattended, near a draft or materials that can catch fire.
  • Keep out of reach of children & pets.
  • Always ensure the melt pool reaches outer edges on 1st burn. 
  • Don’t burn for 4+ hours at a time.
  • Leave at least 10cm between burning candles.
  • Contains soy wax & essential/fragrance oils at 10% max.
  • WARNING oils may cause allergic skin reaction; avoid inhalation & contact with skin/eyes. Rinse with water and seek medical attention if needed.

Our aluminium candle containers are 100% recyclable….just clean it with hot soapy water and repurpose it to use as a storage container for small things such as spare buttons, screws, jewellery etc. Other vessels can be repurposed too as planters, or pen pots etc.

Receiving your feedback is hugely important to us. It is a great way for us to listen to, and understand what works well, and how we can continually improve our product range – and service to you. Before you get in touch with us, please check our Frequently Asked Question section, because this does cover most typical topics and routine queries, right here. If you would like to get in touch directly, please do! To contact us please click here.

Customised and Corporate information

We understand our products are unique due to their high-quality materials and the sensory experience they create. We also appreciate that the market is fast-changing. Many customers are inclined to make purchases that are exclusively homemade and a bit quirky.  This is often all the better if this also supports a small, or local community business, preferring this over large retail giants.

Whether you are an Island-based business or located on the UK Mainland, we would love to hear from you to discuss how we might work together.  This may be to stock our ChilliWinter candles on a commission or wholesale basis, or because you are looking for a fully customisable high-end product for a special occasion or corporate event.  Please click here to find out more and get in touch.

Yes, of course! We pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility.

Special occasions and events, that may be suitable for custom or corporate arrangements may include:

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and other celebratory occasions
  • Garden parties
  • Weddings (favours, place name settings etc)
  • Hampers
  • Unbranded or Corporate branded
  • Event goody-bags

We are working with several large Island and UK Mainland companies to supply corporate branded candles.  This will fulfill unique business marketing aims and for some, this will complement existing or planned product ranges.

Working with customers for special events or occasions, and with businesses for corporate purposes, we can tailor our ChilliWinter candles to meet your specific needs in the following ways:


Over 40 scents in stock and quick access to hundreds more.

Wax colour

We blend dyes to create any colour (including neutral shades).


Silver and/or Rose Gold lidded tins in 100ml or 200ml. Or a container of your choice.


UV proof and waterproof vinyl, designed and printed locally.


ChilliWinter, unbranded or Corporate (optional label design and production service).

Whether you are an Island-based business or located on the UK Mainland, we would love to hear from you to discuss your requirements – please click here to get in touch.

Usually our lead-time for customised orders (and larger orders) is between 2 – 4 weeks. Yet this will depend on your specific requirements.

For example, if your labelling needs to be designed, a new unique scent sourced, blended and tested – or if your volume is high and falls at a very busy time of year, these factors will affect how quickly we can make and deliver your order.

In all cases, we aim to be as flexible and as efficient as possible.  With more notice, the more likely it will be that we will be able to fulfill your requirements fully, and on time.  Please do contact us to enquire further.

As a small and growing Island business, we will be showcasing our ChilliWinter brand and products at a range of different community events and shows this year.

Click here to see the upcoming events that we will be attending.

Are you on the Isle of Wight? You may be able to pick up your candles from a stockist. If you have an urgent IOW delivery requirement, let us know and we will do our best to help. You may also order with our partner, The Wight Box Company, as a one-off, or as a subscription. For more information click here.

Since January 2019 we have partnered with many Island companies to stock ChilliWinter on a wholesale or commission basis, and this set to increase this summer. From April 2019 our candles are being distributed by the Wight Box Company in one size (100ml) as a box of 3 randomly selected fragrances.

Some of our future plans are (for now) ‘under wraps’, but the cat is already out of the bag about our candle making experiences.  This will be coming later this year and will include making container candles and dipping tapered candles.  Watch this space!

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