Our Candles

Candles can make any moment special. Creating ambience with an entrancing aroma and illuminating flicker of light feels wonderful!

Our hand poured soy WoodWick candles will light up your everyday moments safely and sustainably.

"We are fast growing to become the leading local company offering a wide range of handcrafted WoodWick candles"


Our Fragrances

At ChilliWinter, we have over 40 scents in our current product range, made up of both fragrance oils and essential oils.

Most stockists have a sample of between 10 – 15 from the whole range, and we change these regularly to match seasonal variances.

Our Containers

Our glossy Silver or Rose Gold tins come in two sizes – large (200ml) and small (100ml).

They are light and easily transported for holidays, and posted as gifts. As they are made from aluminium, they are 100% recyclable.

Give WoodWick Candles a try

WoodWick candles are an innovative alternative to traditional cotton wicks.

Commonly used traditional wicks and paraffin wax burn tall, bright and fast, producing smoke and allergens.

WoodWick candles burn cleanly and disperse the fragrance beautifully. They generate a subtle glow and soothing ‘crackle’ sound, creating a sensory ambience. A WoodWick is no more difficult to use than a traditional wick, it’s just different. Try them for a whole new candle experience!